Saturday, January 26, 2013

Kindness, First Sweaters and Yarn Candy

Thanks to everyone who left kind comments on my last blog entry and on my facebook page!  I feel very loved... I’m amazed at how many people have some tie to knitting, whether as a past hobby or as something they’ve always wanted to learn. This is probably because knitting is the greatest thing in the world.  I’m not sure why the manipulation of string using a couple of sticks is so awesome, but it truly is. Awesome.

So, I finished the shrug! It’s pretty cute and it actually can go through the dryer.  But I’m not super enthusiastic about this cotton/acrylic blend yarn.  The resulting sweater will be good for everyday wear, but isn’t really special. I do love the color though... What do you think?

I'm not really sure what I was thinking putting this yellow shirt with the pomegranate color of the shrug.  Do you suddenly have a craving for a hamburger with ketchup and mustard?  Funny... me too.

So, I'm just wondering: How many times during a project, do you think, “I’m not sure how you’re supposed to do it, but here’s how I’m going to do it.” If you’re my husband, you never think it.  Never. You’ve never thought it before and you never will. But if you’re me, well, then you think it all the time. And it’s just what I thought seaming up the sleeves on this shrug. For those of you who are non-knitters, I’ll tell you that when making a sweater (I’m an expert, you see, because I just completed my first one, and it’s a tiny shrug) you can either knit it seamlessly, or you can knit it in pieces, and then seam it up at the end.  This shrug was knit seamlessly, except that the sleeves had to be sewn shut under the arm.  I looked up on youtube how to do it, and so I should have known, I guess.  And it actually was going great until I came upon the decreases.  “Um...  where’s the bar I’m supposed to stitch through?  I dunno...  I'll just guess!”  So, the sleeve is a little... poofy on the bottom, but I don’t really think it’s noticeable.  Moving right along!

My next project is the Crooked Paths hat, by Melissa LeBarre.  She is also the designer of the Tiny Tea cardigan that I knit for my girls.  For this project, I’m using an amazing yarn that I stumbled upon by accident.  I loved Alana’s Winter Trails hat knitted up with Cascade Cloud 9, which is a blend with angora in it, making it very soft and a little bit fuzzy. I went looking for some of this yarn candy at Needles in the Haymarket, and they only had terrible colors like bubble gum pink and a shade of blue that is suitable for absolutely nothing.  So, she pointed me to Cascade Eco Duo, undyed, which is a 30% wool/70% alpaca blend.  It is so.... DELICIOUS. If yarn were a man (and I weren’t already married of course... love you, honey!) then I would marry it.

Let the hat knitting begin!

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  1. I think it's cute! And yes, I was thinking golden arches. I sat here looking at it thinking, "Huh. That's interesting." Good luck with the hat!