Friday, October 28, 2016

Catching Up

It has been bothering me that I don't have many pictures to show from the past 4 years of knitting. I did have two new babies in that time and managed to keep the others alive and kicking, but STILL.

This knitted bunny was a Christmas present for my oldest daughter last year. She absolutely LOVES him, as she does all her knitted things. It's so satisfying to knit for people who love their gifts so much!

This is my middle daughter's birthday sweater from last year. If it looks a little shabby, it's because she SLEEPS IN IT. That my children want to sleep in their knitwear is just the best thing ever!

My baby girl. I made this "dress" for her as an infant, and now it's barely a tunic.  Still super cute though!

Pumpkins are food, right?  That's what I thought.  *Nom-nom.*

My favorite cowl of the fall! I never wear purple, but I was looking for something to wear during Advent and Lent. And all the other days of the year...

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  1. Love them all but especially the bunny and cowl. What a great idea to have an advent/lent outfit!