Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Knitters' Bling

Hey guys! I am a little new to the world of knitting accessories. Obviously, I have all the needles, Susan Bates stitch markers and cable needles I need, but I'm talking about BLING. Those accessories that you don't really need, per se, but that just make knitting all that much more fun.

A few weeks ago, I ordered a turquoise, hedgehog DPN holder from Emonie Hopkins of Hopkins Sewing Studio over on Etsy, and when it came, my joy was brimming over for days.  Seriously, folks.  It was a totally inordinate amount of joy. But it was so CUTE!!! And practical - it snaps up all your needles when you're not working on your sock/mitten/whatever.

 So, I ordered some more, and she sent them to me as a Christmas gift. And my heart swelled three sizes, just like the Grinch.

Today I ordered a knitting project bag with jackalopes on it. JACKALOPES. Even my husband thought it was awesome, and he's not exactly "into" textiles.

What's next for me? Fancy stitch markers? A mug with stockinette stitch stamped into it?  Maybe.

P.S. I miss you guys. The podcast returns Monday, January 2nd!

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