Sunday, July 29, 2018

Episode 29: Spark Joy

Hello Knitters!

I hope you enjoy this episode! See below for shownotes and a link to my Instagram so you can see the pictures of the stuff I'm talking about!



  1. Devin, I love your podcast. Truly. I discovered it just a few weeks ago and have listened to almost every back episode since then. Speaking of which, I listened to Episode 14 where you talked about submitting some designs for Wool People 12 and Pom Pom Magazine, and I was wondering if you could revisit that topic at some point. I'd love to know if you've continued to submit ideas for other publications and if you've self-published any of the ideas you originally submitted. Thanks!

  2. Hello Amy! I'm not sure how I missed this comment!! Thank you so, so much for not only enjoying my podcast, but for telling me that you do. I appreciate so much that you took the time to do that. :)

    I would love to talk more about that in future episodes, but just briefly, it is VERY time consuming to submit these designs. And so disappointing when they are not chosen. :/ And I do a lot of work with Barrett Wool, in addition to my self-published stuff so I don't have extra time. I would LOVE to be featured in one of those publications someday though. :)

    Thanks again!

    Devin :)