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Episode 1: The Pilot

Episode 2: Knitting With... Dog Hair?

Episode 3: What Knitters Dream About

Episode 4: On Socks, Knitwear Design and Yarn Blindness

Episode 5: Look Out, Canada

Episode 6: Did Video Kill the Radio Star?

Episode 7: Chardonnay and Cables Don't Mix

Episode 8: Mom's NFL Shawl

Episode 9: She Hated It Too

Episode 10: Mason Dixon Knitting and 51 Shades of Gray

Episode 11: Fiber Castles in the Sky and an Open Letter to Math

Episode 12: I Want to Knit Like Cleopatra

Episode 13: Crushing on Speckles

Episode 14: On the Joys of 100% Wool and Knitwear Design

Episode 15: Knitting Fantasies

Episode 16: How to be a Patron

Episode 17: The Sweater Hole Mystery Solved!

Episode 18: Knit for Fun Retreat Recap

Episode 19: A Real Tree for a Happy Christmas

Episode 20: On Unbridled Enthusiasm

Episode 21: A Real Designer Needs a Real Studio

Episode 22: The Shawl Dip Factor

Episode 23: Chicken Knitting and Other Fun

Episode 24: Confessions

Episode 25: Designs and Foibles

Episode 26: Absolutely Delighted (Not Really Excited)

Episode 27: On Doing Hard Things

Episode 28: The Froggy One

Episode 29: Spark Joy

Episode 30: The One With All the Kids

Episode 31: Seeing Stuff

Episode 32: The Week of Two Podcasts


  1. Hi Devin,

    Could you please contact me at thefisherman@nova1net.com about the oak sock blockers. I could not give you more info in the forum you asked from. Thank you, Chappy

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